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A few of our favourite places in HOPE B.C.

New to the town of Hope and not sure where to start? Here is a quick list of my must-visit sites and stores in Hope. Please let us know if you know any gems that you think we should add to our faves!

  1. Hope Mountain Brewing

    1. This brewery just off of Hope Mountain Highway is a must-visit for any craft beer lovers. Not into beer? No worries Hope Mountian Brewing also offer a semi-dry cider, and a nice wine and cocktail selection. With their great selection of drinks and snacks for everyone as well as thier dog-friendly patio, a visit to Hope Mountain Patio is a perfect way to relax and unwind.

  2. Hope Mountain Cafe

    1. Hope Mountain Cafe is one of the things I find myself craving after going too long without a visit. They have great coffee for any caffeine lovers out there, as well as a good-sized menu with options for everyone. My go-to’s are the Beef Pho, Mango smoothie and vegetarian sandwich. The food is always fresh and while sometimes you may have to wait in line at this popular cafe, the quality of food is worth the wait.

  3. Bakers Books

    1. Bakers books is completely run on donations and each book costs only $2.00. They have an enormous selection of books in every genre and the price tag makes it impossible to walk out without something new to read.

  4. Treehouse Health Foods inc

    1. This health foods store stocks everything from vitamins and teas, to natural hair dye and makeup.

  5. Hope Outdoors

    1. If you ever forget any type of camping, fishing, or hunting gear, Hope Outdoors should be your first stop to restock. They have a nice selection of high-quality outdoor brands and stock everything from basics like socks and water bottles to specialty gear like snowshoes, fishing rods and dehydrated meals.

  6. Hope and Area Recreation Center

a. Another spot to visit is the Hope and Area Recreation center. The center has a great heated swimming pool, hot tub, gym, rink, and library. A drop-in session is only $5 for an adult, and that will give you access to the pool, weight room and rink

A great thing to make note of is Hope Outdoors, Bakers Books, Treehouse Health Foods inc and Hope Mountain Cafe are all within 2 minutes of each other and all happen to be located right beside a little play park. It's really nice spot to have a picnic or to sit down and read a new book.

There are many more attractions and shops that could be written about, but for now, I hope this little list of favourites is enough to inspire some visitors.

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