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Spooky Season in The Valley

Nothing quite screams Halloween like a trip to a haunted house. Lucky for you, Sunshine Valley resident and scare master, Brian Taylor, has created his 4th annual haunted house and it’s sure to give even the most seasoned haunted house visitors the heeby jeebys. Located at the Holiday Trails Resort in Sunshine Valley (14850 Alpine Blvd), the haunted house is open now until the end of Halloween and features live actors and animation. Members of the Sunshine Valley Volunteer Fire Department help Brian Taylor stage his masterpiece and while touring the house is free, donations are accepted which all go towards the Sunshine Valley Volunteer Fire Department.

As spooky season dawns, be sure to scoop up some local pumpkins from a nearby pumpkin patch for carving and of course, pumpkin pie. Here are our favourites which are both just a hop, skip, and a jump away from Sunshine Valley:

Aldor Acres Farm

Located in Langley, this pumpkin patch is the real deal. You will find several varieties of pumpkins in all different shapes and sizes, some of which are still on the vine for your picking! In addition to pumpkins, make sure to take advantage of the hayrides and petting zoo that covers five acres of land in which you will find pigs, ducks, goats, donkeys, chickens, sheep, bunnies, emus, horses, and cows. Great for little ones and there is also a farm market with fresh produce, preserves, honey, meat, and eggs, for the adults. Tickets can be purchased ahead of time on their website. Open until October 31st.

Applebarn Pumpkin Farm (Taves Farms)

This Abbotsford pumpkin patch has much more to offer than just pumpkins. With a zipline, pedal karts, apple picking, a corn gun, and a pumpkin cannon, Taves Farm is a fun way to spend the day, especially if you have little ones. Tickets can be purchased ahead of time on their website. Open until October 31st.

No matter how you decide to spend your spooky season, stay warm and have fun!

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