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Airbnb-ing Your Cabin

Whether you’ve spent an hour or a year in Sunshine Valley, it’s likely that you’ve experienced the magic that it has to offer whether you’re here for outdoor adventure or tapping into the quiet. With the authentic tourism market exploding through Airbnb, it’s only natural to want to list your cabin (or rent one if you’re a traveler!) in this all-season wonderland of ours.

If you own a cabin/home that was developed by us, our only guideline for you relates to the amount of time that it can be rented per year, which is 50% of the time, maximum. As well, there is a new Sunshine Valley Airbnb and Rental Club where like minded individuals can meet and discuss best practices.

If you’re not from the valley (but maybe wish you were) and are looking for a beautiful weekend away, join us by booking your dream vacation home through Airbnb. You’ll find everything you could possibly imagine from mountain cabins tucked in the woods to riverfront homes; 1 to 7 bedrooms. Enjoy our little slice of paradise and treat it like your own.

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