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Exploring Sunshine Valley on ATVs

One of the best ways to explore Sunshine Valley is by ATV. Noisiness aside, these vessels transport you from peaks to troughs, down gravel roads not yet explored, and back to your home base, all before the dinner bell rings.

Where to go? Silvertip Ski Area (an old ski hill that doesn’t run anymore) is a must as well as Lion King, a not-yet-Instagram-famous wonderland. Looking for something a bit more off the map? Check out the Hope Slide. If that’s ringing a distant bell for you, it’s because the Hope Slide is the second-largest landslide in Canada that occurred in 1965 in which 47 million cubic meters of rock, mud, and organic debris filled the bottom of the valley. In some places, debris was as deep as 500 meters.

Alright, back to ATVs. You can rent these at Siwash Sports in Chilliwack or at Fraser Valley Adventures in Abbotsford. Rentals average $200/day with cheaper rates for longer rentals.

Before setting out on an afternoon of adventuring, be sure to pack enough snacks and water, know your avalanche protection safety tips, and make sure to take your garbage back with you (bonus points for picking up any other garbage you see along the way). Be safe, have fun, and know that there are a series of decommissioning roads that branch from the property in every direction, waiting to be explored.

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