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FIRE BAN in effect June 8, 2023

Dear Residents, Effective immediately, a fire ban is in effect in Sunshine Valley starting from June 8, 2023. All campfires are strictly prohibited throughout our community as part of this ban.

Due to current weather conditions, including dry spells and high temperatures, the risk of wildfires has significantly increased. Our primary concern is the safety of residents and the preservation of our environment.

Please adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Prohibition of Campfires: All open fires, including campfires, bonfires, and fire pits, are strictly prohibited in Sunshine Valley until further notice. This applies to public areas, parks, campgrounds, and private properties.

  2. Reporting Non-Compliance: Report any instances of non-compliance to the local authorities.

The fire ban will remain in effect until conditions improve and it is deemed safe to lift the restrictions. Updates will be provided as necessary. We understand the significance of campfires but must prioritize safety. Explore alternative outdoor activities that do not involve open fires, such as hiking, biking, and picnicking. For any questions or concerns, contact the Sunshine Valley Volunteer Fire Department: 71731 Meadow Road, Fraser Valley B, BC V0X 1L5, Canada Emergency #: 604-869-2404 Non-Emergency #: 866-665-0158 Fire Chief #: 778-583-5661 Thank you for your cooperation in keeping our community safe.

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