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July 2021 Updates

Camp Fire Ban

As you’ve seen our SVVFD fire chief in consultation with The Fire and Commissioners Office and with Agreement from Sunshine Valley Developments has put in a fire ban until further notice.

Dust Control For The Summer

We have ordered dust control product to be applied throughout the summer on a monthly basis to all the roads in Huckleberry and we are awaiting confirmation from Big Foot Boulder Company’s Ryan and Aaron as to the scheduling. Please remember the speed limits on the gravel roads to keep the dust down for everybody.

Upcoming Road Repairs

You may see some white or pink spray-paint markings on the paved road. We have scheduled Asphalt repairs the road from inside the Huckleberry gate to passed John’s Woodshed and Firewood cutting area.

Grass Cutting

Our tractor has been repaired and will hopefully be getting delivered prior to this long weekend, fingers crossed the grass will be getting cut in the playground.

Lake Level Management

As a precursor to getting more water in the lake, we are doing some activities that will put more water into the lake from up stream where that much needed water has been trapped. We then time how long that lasts. Checking that the water release will beneficially impact the lake levels. If you see us putting boards in and taking boards out at the dykes, that is what we are doing.

Water Infrastructure Upgrades

After this July long weekend, we will be working diligently to be adding new upgrades to the water system. The water will be turned off from 7AM to 5PM on Tuesday, July 6ᵗʰ to facilitate and install.

Washroom Upgrades

Paul Niemi will be connecting up the shower fans onto shower timers. We will be adding another coat of interior special humidity resistant and low vox paint to all the washrooms. We are also looking at replacing the skylights to add more natural light. Lower level washroom handicap access is also being reviewed.

Electrical and Communication Infrastructure

I am working with Hydro and Telus separately, to try and improve both of those areas of service.

Further Updates will be provided as we receive the information.

Enhanced Security

1. You may have noticed that at the Hope Slide eastern area where the old highway connects to The Slide Viewing area we have put large boulders down so that no car or pick up truck wide vehicles could get through from the Hope Slide viewing area.

2. Across the highway from the Transfer Station we’ve dug a trench across on the inside of the gate. If anyone goes passed the gate, they will be caught in the trench.

3. At the very east end of the property the dirt trail that leads out 2km+ at the end of the

property we are putting up a large heavy gate to control access and it will be only for emergency and evacuation purposes only, on and off to the highway only.

4. Camouflaged video cameras at the 3 spots mentioned above have been added.

At the front main gate in addition to the rocks we put in months ago to deter parkers between the highway and the gate, we have also purchased and will be installing a HI-DEFINITION 4K video camera at the Huckleberry main gate that will capture all cars, trucks, ATVs etc. traffic that comes off the highway and either tries or goes through the gate.

Here’s hoping everyone has an enjoyable July long weekend!

Best regards from the Sunshine Valley Developments Ltd. Team

David Bull


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