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Sunshine Valley Development Update

As the cold air sets into the valley and snowfall is only moments away, we bring you this update on all that’s been happening in Sunshine Valley, the place we call home.

Half of the Sunshine Valley Phase 2 lots have been sold, with just 21 remaining. These beautiful south-facing ¼ acre lots are sprinkled amongst conifer trees and are located on an elevated plateau in the valley with incredible views of the mountains to the north and south. Dreamy, wouldn’t you agree?

What have we been working on over the last few months? Glad you asked. The riverside trail near the aforementioned ¼ acre lots has been high on our priority list. It’s now wider and more even, making it perfect for autumn walks before snowfall. This riverside trail will soon connect to the lake, making it ideal for hikers and ATVs, alike.

In time for the near-approaching skating season, structural improvements have been made to the community skating rink. Beautiful rustic log benches that are long enough to fit the whole family will soon be placed at the skating rink for families to sit on while they put on their skates or to simply enjoy the nightly bonfire (with a thermos full of hot chocolate or coffee in hand, of course!). Pro tip: Pack marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate with you for when you’re done skating and want to snack on something ooey-gooey and delicious by the bonfire. You won’t regret it.

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