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Welcome to Sunshine Valley

Welcome to the blog, Sunshine Valley enthusiasts. Whether you’re already settled into your home or cabin in the valley, thinking about securing a lot for your family or simply dreaming about it, this blog is your place to learn all about this winter wonderland and the people behind it.

Today, we spoke with David Bull, majority owner and president of Sunshine Valley as well as a prestigious real estate agent with 42 years of experience.

David, tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’ve been lucky to call British Columbia my backyard for my entire life. I was born and raised on the North Shore and growing up, spent countless snowy days in our family cabin that was located in 100 Mile House, about five hours north of Vancouver. I won the jackpot.

Real estate is in my blood as my father was a developer; I have fond memories of sitting on his lap as a child as he would show me his development plans. I attended BCIT for Business Management and UBC for Urban Land Economics before diving into the world of real estate with an interest in green energy and climate change. I worked with the Bentalls before becoming a highly awarded founding shareholder at Colliers Worldwide, then starting my own firm with several associates.

I have three incredible children, Justin, Katie, and Grace, as well as a beautiful wife, JoAnne. I love staying active and find a lot of joy in swimming, jogging, playing tennis, skiing, golfing, mountain riding, and hiking with our dog Charlie.

What piqued your interest in developing Sunshine Valley?

I’ve been lucky to have a career that’s offered me massive developing contracts from Shanghai to Saint Lucia and everywhere in between; however, when the Sunshine Valley opportunity arose, I felt drawn to explore this part of my backyard. With a valley, lake, mountains, and a river, Sunshine Valley is a literal breath of fresh air and one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to. It felt aligned with my values and ultimately was just an offer that I couldn’t turn down.

What is your dream for Sunshine Valley?

Oh, good one. My dream for Sunshine Valley is for families, separated families, young couples, elderly couples, and any other familial situation to enjoy this incredible valley that we’ve been given to its fullest. Sunshine Valley is a winter wonderland high enough in elevation to exchange the drenching rain for snow-capped spruce trees. My hope for the valley is that residents enjoy being close to nature while playing hard in this outdoor recreation paradise. And I think that dream for Sunshine Valley stems from my youth when I did just that; when I was a little boy playing my heart out by my family’s cabin, and enjoying every second of it.

So to sum it up, I dream of a small, quaint community with a focus on enjoying the outdoors.

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