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Winter Sports in Sunshine Valley

As the valley becomes covered by the first snow blanket of the season, you can hear the faint cheers from surrounding cabins if you listen closely as families dream and scheme their plans for the snow. After all, the winter playground that becomes Sunshine Valley is why most of them chose to be here in the first place.

Whether snowfall for you means curling up next to the fireplace with wool socks and a great book or suiting up and playing in the snow, there are a plethora of winter activities that await you.

Winter in the valley looks a lot like a magical snow globe village- snowmobiles are a main form of transportation, happy kids spend the day sledding, and there’s always a fire going on at home to warm the family up for the next day of outdoor fun.

If you don’t own your own snowshoes, skis, snowboard, skates, or snowmobiles, all can be rented from neighbouring towns including Hope and Chilliwack. Manning Park is your place for incredible skiing and snowboarding and you’re also free to enjoy Silvertip; however, you’ll need to hike to the top or have somebody snowmobile you there as the ski lift is no longer running.

Up the hill and next to the water treatment facility, you’ll find the toboggan hill which has been the talk of the valley due to its recent upgrade. It’s wider, longer, steeper, and ready for a season of laughs. If you have little ones, use the bottom half of this hill for a “bunny hill” version that’s age-appropriate.

And of course, what’s a winter without time spent at the skating rink? Find the skating rink on the north side of the highway next to the lake. There’s a nightly bonfire next to the rink where you can roast marshmallows with the family and catch up with others in the community.

Wherever this winter takes you, enjoy every minute of it. It’s going to be one for the books.

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